At Heatree we are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment; we want everyone to be seen, heard, and able to belong and join in, including those with additional needs. We recognise that some of our guests may require additional provision and we do our best to support this wherever reasonably possible.

Accessibility Team

So that we can provide the best experience for everyone, if you feel your needs may require additional provision or adaptations, please get in touch before your visit. We also welcome preview visits where we provide a tour of the accommodation and facilities and can help address any concerns you may have.

Contact our Accessibility Team:

01647 221307

We are committed to:

  • Liaising with guests about their additional needs, prior to their visit through our Accessibility Team.
  • Providing clear and helpful information about the accessibility of our site, our facilities and our outdoor activity provision.
  • Providing adaptations where possible to accommodate individual or group needs.
  • Listening to guest feedback and implementing improvements where reasonably possible.
  • Providing relevant training for staff in line with current legislation, to ensure current practice is up to date and appropriate.

Future Plans

In partnership with funders and through large scale investment, we are moving towards being able to provide a greatly improved and more inclusive visitor experience for those with additional needs. This includes developing accessible bedrooms with dedicated wet rooms, ramped access and providing a more visually welcoming centre for those with different accessibility needs.