Our vision is for children and young people to encounter God through adventure

Children and young people are at the heart of our charitable objectives and the whole reason why Heathercombe Brake Trust was set up by Elizabeth Quantick over 70 years ago.  

Outdoor adventure and learning provides a space in which to create these opportunities and has been the essence of our activity centre for over 30 years. 

We seek to enable thousands of young people to hear the Christian gospel message in a safe, exciting and adventurous environment.  


Our mission is to facilitate outdoor adventure learning experiences through which children and young people can discover more about the Christian faith and have life-changing encounters with God.

It is undeniable that time spent in nature has a positive effect on all of us; physically, mentally, and spiritually. What makes Heatree different to other centres is that we use this time to explore the Christian message with young people, through exciting and challenging outdoor adventure experiences. 

Experiential, hands-on learning is a key component of outdoor adventure education and ensures that teaching is person-centred. Through these experiences and by embracing all the tools and benefits of outdoor education, young people learn how to face challenges and put their trust in others, build long-lasting connections with their peers and understand what makes them unique and how to use their skills to help others.  

At a time in their lives when young people are establishing their identity and where they fit in with the world, we encourage and teach them how these key life skills can strengthen their resolve and resilience beyond their time at Heatree. 

In the wild surroundings of Dartmoor, young people see the beauty of the world God created for us, create memories and encounter God for themselves. 

It is our hope that young people leave this place with a deeper understanding of a God who loves and cares for them as they begin or continue their faith journey.