Bronze Age Roundhouse

Travel back 4,000 years and experience life as it would have been for a family living in the Bronze Age. Based in our authentic roundhouse and garden, you dress up and take part in daily tasks such as cooking, pottery making, digging, willow work and music-making.

This is a hands-on and unique experience, allowing you to immerse yourself in the daily life of a Bronze Age community. Discover the energy that each task requires and compare with similar processes performed today, with a particular focus on sustainable development and careful use of resources.

The session ends by sharing your experiences and reflections around the glowing embers of the campfire.

Example learning actions:

  • Understand and appreciate how life might have been in the Bronze Age
  • Understand, question and discuss how prehistory is inferred from current evidence
  • Develop skills which would have been taught in a Bronze Age family
  • Be able to discuss sustainable issues of waste management, renewable energy and materials; consider where products come from and what happens to them after use
  • Learn patience and resilience in practising new skills