Climbing Tower

Challenge your co-ordination, determination and courage by scaling our 30ft woodland climbing tower. Under full guidance and tuition, learn how to belay a climber safely and support your peers through encouragement and praise. This is an excellent opportunity for pushing boundaries of self-confidence and stamina. A stairway leads you to the top of the tower where you can look out over the treetops and descend our abseiling tower. Full instruction on technique is provided and some tricks and stunts may be tried by those who dare.

Example learning actions:

  • Be physically active in the outdoors
  • Learn the different ways of using climbing holds
  • Have the opportunity to challenge both physical and emotional barriers
  • Work together to belay and encourage peers
  • Understand the need to be responsible when ensuring safety
  • Experience and understand the effects of gravity, friction and opposing forces
  • Have the opportunity to learn a new skill or improve an existing one
  • Have the opportunity to challenge and develop self-confidence