Earth Walk

Dartmoor is rich in historical and literary tradition with a wealth of tales and legends. Many authors have been inspired by the tors and various unique and unusual land features found across the moors. We use these as the starting point to create our own weird and wonderful legends and can be also used as part of an art walk across the moors.

Earth walks are a wonderful way of exploring how we can use our senses to increase our understanding about the environment around us. Short activities focusing on individual senses lead you to discover how to describe the woodland in a variety of creative ways; explore patterns, colours and textures found in nature.

This activity provides you with a unique impression of Dartmoor and can be developed and used in many ways when you return home or to your educational setting.

Example learning actions:

  • Be physically active in the outdoors
  • Learn to be mindful, aware and respectful of the natural environment
  • Discover local flora and fauna