Freshwater Study

The streams on-site and nearby are teeming with exciting water creatures waiting to be discovered. This activity is suitable for all ages and can be easily adapted to suit curriculum requirements for school groups. The focus can be on adaptations, the use of Identification Keys, sampling and sorting, or simply just for fun and seeing what you can find.

For a more scientific study, samples can be compared from fast and slow areas of the stream or from our on-site stream with that of an open moorland stream. This is also a great opportunity for you to think about river habitats and physical geography.

Example learning actions:

  • Understand the adaptations needed for different habitats within the stream
  • Appreciate the role of herbivores and carnivores in a food chain
  • Be confident using an Identification Key
  • Recognise and name many of the invertebrates found
  • Work safely as a team, in and out of the water