Haytor Quarry

The whole process of mining in the Victorian times, from blasting to shipping, can be re-enacted through a visit to Haytor quarries, a short walk from Haytor Rocks. You will take on the role of a quarryman and discover for yourself the energy and skill needed to carry out the various jobs required to extract the granite and transport it down to Teignmouth docks.

Re-enacted accidents, strict foremen and running for cover are all features of this activity, which brings the quarry alive with the sounds from a Victorian industry.

Example learning actions:

  • Enjoy a walk on the open moorland
  • Be able to build an understanding of an ancient structure from the evidence remaining
  • Understand the Victorian granite quarrying processes
  • Appreciate the safety issues of the Victorian workforce
  • To inspire confidence in presentation by demonstrate each part of the process to the group through drama, chanting and explanation

Granite Trail is a combination of the Haytor Quarry and Hound Tor Village activities for a full day out)