High Ropes

If you are looking to test yourself both physically and mentally, our high ropes activity is the perfect opportunity. Some of the elements are designed to challenge individuals whilst others require a team working together.

Elements include:

Test your balance as you take on the High Postman’s Walk
For something a little closer to the ground, try walking across the log Catwalk from one tree to another
Work together in teams of three to climb up the logs of Jacob’s Ladder to reach the top
Work as a team to build a tall tower of milk crates, sturdy enough to balance your teammates
Navigate along the Vines, high up in the trees across a wire cable
Practise your balancing skills as you walk along the slackline, a suspended length of flat webbing a few feet from the ground

You will be taught how to belay each other safely and are supervised at all times.

Example learning actions:

  • Be physically active in the outdoors
  • Improve balancing skills
  • Have the opportunity to face challenges and develop self-confidence
  • Learn to belay and encourage others