Hound Tor Village

The remains of a substantial medieval village can be found near Hound Tor, just over a mile from the Centre. Explore the layout of the village and discuss its position on the moors. Then travel back in time and take on the role of the villagers in four or five families, bartering goods and skills with each other in order to see if they can survive the harsh winter of 1349. This is an ideal activity for learning about medieval times and the consequences of the Black Death.

This activity can be adapted to focus from a more technological perspective. You will look at the design and structure of longhouses and the materials used in their construction. Comparisons can be made between these structures and that of the Bronze Age dwellings.

Example learning actions:

  • Appreciate the fundamental principles of the barter system of trading
  • Encounter some of the challenges of life in medieval times
  • Be able to build an understanding of an ancient structure from evidence remaining
  • Understand the importance of interdependence in village life of the past
  • Generate a family team identity
  • Share responsibilities and fulfill a role within a family team