Moorland Crafts

Delve into the old ways of making and creating with this hands-on activity where you can create a number of items to take home. Working as a collective, learn to make baskets for climbing plants or a fish-catching device, or as individuals, to create items from raw materials, felt or even clay to make your own sculptures. We will encourage you to think resourcefully and creatively, such as how to make a wall using mud and straw instead of bricks. This activity is a great opportunity to experience creating from natural materials, as families would have done in prehistoric times.

Example learning actions:

  • Develop creative skills of basket-making, felt-making, pottery and earth walling
  • Learn patience and resilience in practising new skills
  • Understand the need for safety in using certain materials
  • Work in a trustworthy, responsible manner
  • Develop fine motor skills
  • Assess materials needed and risks arising during construction